A creative meeting in Goleniów is behind us

On December 7-8, 2018, the second in this year meeting of the members of the Agreement Of The Folklore Festivals Of Western Poland took place. In the three-year history of the Agreement it was already ninth meeting.
The meeting in Goleniów took place in a very creative atmosphere. This is due to the workshops conducted by Zbigniew Łukaszewski, who using the methods of the association pyramid and Delphi method aroused discussion about the future of folklore in Poland, and it’s role in the context of contemporary social problems.
As was the occasion of every autumn meeting, the previous editions of festivals were also discussed, as well as novelties and plans for the next year. The dates of all next year’s festivals are already known. So, now you can start planning a tour around western Poland on the folklore trail!


International Children’s Festival of Folklore KIDS FUN FOLK, Poznań, 12-16.06.2019
International Festival MEETINGS WITH FOLKLORE (Pyrzyce), Pyrzyce 28-30.06.2019
International Folklore Meetings ON THE RIVER INA , Goleniów 28.06 – 2.07.2019
International Folklore Festival THE WORLD UNDER KYCZERA, Legnica 28.06 – 14/07/2019
International Festival of Folklore FACES OF TRADITION, Zielona Góra 7-12.07.2019
International Dance Festival FOLK HARBOR, Gorzów Wielkopolski 2020