FolkoJarmark, relax , “Hulajniki” and Serbia


July 17, 2018. The Folk Jarmark was full of life. The exhibitors presented works of glass jewelery and stained glass windows by Marta Jędras “Daruma”, decorative ceramics by Dariusz Marczak, handmade lamps, paintings, bowls made by Ryszard Walczak, Beata Staszak’s decupage, photo jewelery and embroidered jewellery by Ola Operchał “Laxies Art.”
The ensembles “Hulajniki” from Milówka (Poland) and Branko Radičević from Ruma (Serbia) invited to participate in the Folk Games. The announcer, Małgorzata Wower, together with the band members talked about the guests’ instruments, costumes and dances. The youngest viewers willingly joined in the common games.
The Folk Relax zone attracted children and their carers with interesting cartoning activities prepared by Anna Brymor, Joanna Wojtasik, Grażyna Graszka – the employees of the City Museum in Nowa Sól. The children cut shapes and then created pictures from them that reminded them of folklore. Little fans of the Kamishibai Illustration Theater listened to a beautiful “Fairy tale with a golden heart”.
Children from the Regional Ensemble “Hulajniki” and the youth from Branko Radičević (Serbia) took part in the Second Festival Concert. “Hulajniki” presented children’s games and games after the excavations, dances and songs of the region Żywiec Beskids. The audience also liked the acrobatics of the older boys – a jump through a hat and sticks.
The concert of the band from Serbia opened the presentation of the musical instruments like “gajda” or “tambur”. Branko Radičević presented flirty songs. Using the dances they described the scenery between the Sava River and the Danube River and the folk holiday – harvest festival. Isidora Živanović sung a beautiful song “Razbole se mlada Katarina” – an old, restored song from Ruma.
After a successful concert, the music bands of both ensembles went to the Bachus Winery to take part in the Folk Jam Session. After a few rehearsals of the bands the Polish and Serbian musicians sat together and they gave a concert like never before.

The project was realised thanks to the financial support of the Local Government of the Lubuskie Province. 

The project was partially financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.