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The International Folklore Festival "Faces of Tradition" will be held on September 16-19, 2021.

During this year's Festival there will be presented the cultural diversity connected with postmigration society of Lubuskie Voivodeship as well as cultural richness of 3 Regions of Poland and 3 countries of the World. Additionally, the Festival will bring closer the traditional culture of various nations and regions participating in the event. Thanks to such presentations the cultural identity and sense of community of the audience will be strengthened as well as their awareness of their own roots will be expanded. During the festival events there will perform not only the countries close to us, but also those representing other, even exotic groups of peoples, which in turn will contribute to the learning of respect and deepening of knowledge about cultural diversity.

Artistic programs of this year's invited groups will be presented at the Creative Culture Center, in Zielona Góra, in selected partner towns of Lubuskie Province and at the final concert - Gala of Traditions in Zielona Góra. On the promenade in Zielona Góra there will be a FolkZone - as a result, there will be 5 separate activities of an educational, integrative and presentational character with the active participation of the audience and folk ensembles invited to the Festival. FolkoZone activities will be located on the pedestrian zone in Zielona Góra. Activities will include such as: games, concerts, a fair, a relaxation zone and more.

We are aiming to organize the Festival in the traditional form, we are currently monitoring the epidemiological situation in the country. However, if the organization of the Festival in the traditional form would not be possible, we will make a decision to organize the event in the hybrid form. We will inform you about all the changes through our websites, where you will also find the regulations, forms and application forms: www.rcak.pl, www.facesoftradition, and on the website www.lubuskiekultura.pl, as well as on our Facebook profile of the Regional Center for Culture Animation.


On the base of Agreement of Folklore Festivals of Western Poland
The Festival of Folklore Faces of Tradition cooperates with festivals:

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International Festival of Folklore KIDS FUN FOLK (Poznań) ⚬ 
International Festival MEETINGS WITH FOLKLORE (Pyrzyce) ⚬ 
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It’s already over!

It’s already over!   THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FOLKLORE FACES OF TRADITION has come to an end.   This time the end of the festival was combined with the traditional festival „On the threshold of autumn”. Today, the Ethnographic Museum […]

We know the winners!

Today, during the final concert of the Gala of Tradition, we got to know the winners!     1. The place belongs to the ROOTS Zaječar – SERBIA Center for Traditional Arts 2. Place of the  Regional Team Mystkowianie 3. […]

International Folklore Festival 2021

Ready to end summer in the city?  If so, welcome to the next edition of the International Folklore Festival “Faces of Tradition” ! This year’s Festival will take place on September 16-19, 2021. For more information, please visit our websites […]

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Festival director:
Izabela Kumor-Pilarczyk

Festival office:

Regionalne Centrum Animacji Kultury
ul. Sienkiewicza 11
65-431 Zielona Góra

tel.: +48 502 111 316
e-mail: folklorefestival@rcak.pl