Macedonia and Bulgaria in Lubuski Theatre


The first Festival Concert took place on July 16. On the stage of the Lubuski Theater two ensembles presented their artistic program: “Zlatna Trakia” from Bulgaria and “Bitola” from Macedonia. The meeting was started by the Festival Director Izabela Kumor-Pilarczyk. She welcomed everyone and reminded the short history of the festival. She also presented the Artistic Council: Gerard Nowak (chairman), Michalina Wojtas, Henryk Dumin. The Artistic Council estimated the performances of the ensembles according to the Festival rules (written in the Festival Regulations) and selected the winners. Józef Broda, a multi-instrumentalist, leads the Festival Concerts.
The Bulgarian ensemble were the first to present on the stage of the theatre. The dancers performed, among other things, a very lively and quick dance called „szopski dance”. They danced in a different, beautiful outfit – additionally decorated with jewelery ringing to the tune of the instruments. Among them was a „gadulka” – an intriguing Bulgarian string instrument.
An inconspicuous tambura made from a pear tree charmed everyone with its exotic sound. The soloist Donna Lateva sung a beautiful song that her grandmother taught her. “Stoyan na mamma dumashe” (in translation: “Stoyan told mum”) is a song that talks about the victory of love and beauty over wealth.
The performance of the Macedonians began with a very spectacular dance combined with acrobatic elements. Macedonian dances are characterized by fast pace but also a certain subtlety. The audience was especially interested in the performance of the soloist – the winner of the International Singers Competition “Singers in Ochla”, Nikola Zaceski. The attention was drawn to the drum – an old handmade instrument made of sheepskin and nut tree. Its sound pulsed in veins.
Both ensembles received a loud applause and the audience appreciated their programs.

The organizer of the International Folklore Festival „FACES OF TRADITION” Zielona Góra 2018 is the Regional Center Animation of Culture in Zielona Góra (Regionalne Centrum Animacji Kultury in Zielona Góra).
The project was realised thanks to the financial support of the Local Government of the Lubuskie Province. The project was partially financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.