We are waiting for the application forms only 1 month

According to the Regulations of FACES OF TRADITION International Folklore Festival  Zielona Góra 2018  the access of the participation in the festival should be reported to 15 March 2018.   The Festival Office is waiting  only 1 month for the Application Form № 1. The […]

Reports on the IFF FACES OF TRADITION Zielona Góra 2017

The International Festival of Folklore FACES OF TRADITION Zielona Góra 2017 ended in July but the folk ensembles and participants of all the activities in the Lubuski Region remember about the performances of all the guests from Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland (Mały Haśnik, Kurpie […]

Thanks for the partner towns

FACES OF TRADITION International Festival of Folklore Zielona Góra 2017 was finished with the ceremonial concert GALA OF TRADITION on Friday 28 July in the Amphitheatre in Zielona Góra. All the invited folk ensembles performer during it. In the end of the concert The Festival […]

Thanks for the strategic partner Łagów

FACES OF TRADITION International Festival of Folklore Zielona Góra 2017 was finished on Thursday 27 July on the stage of the amphitheatre in Łagów. Two folk ensembles presented their artistic program in the amphitheatre: the children group OSTRAVICKA from the Czech Republic and the adult group KHORUMI […]

Rainy Tuesday ends successfully

Because of the rain it was impossible to start the Relaxation Zone and Folkojarmark on Tuesday. Luckily, the sky cleared up in the evening and at 8 p.m. the concert of „Band” from Swiebodzin was held – next to „Bachus” Winery Restaurant . The audience […]

Serbian folklore in Łagów

After a night of heavy rain, fortunately, it was sunny on Tuesday. The members of the ensemble from Serbia visited Łagów after dinner. They entered the castle tower, admired the beautiful views and made a lot of memorable photos. The parade and later concert were extremely […]