Macedonia and Bulgaria in Lubuski Theatre

The first Festival Concert took place on July 16. On the stage of the Lubuski Theater two ensembles presented their artistic program: “Zlatna Trakia” from Bulgaria and “Bitola” from Macedonia. The meeting was started by the Festival Director Izabela Kumor-Pilarczyk. She welcomed everyone and reminded […]

Dances and tastes of the world – Inauguration at Ochla

The Inauguration of the International Folklore Festival „Faces of Tradition” Zielona Góra 2018 was held in the Ethnographic Museum in Ochla on 15 July 2018. Ensembles from Bulgaria, Indonesia, Macedonia, Poland and Serbia presented their artistic program on the outdoor stage. In total, over 250 […]

Media patronage

We are pleased to announce that this year’s International Festival of Folklore FACES OF TRADITION has taken its patronage: Gazeta Lubuska Gazeta Wyborcza Radio Zachód Radio Zielona Góra TVP3 Gorzów Wielkopolski Thank you and encourage you to visit sites, listen to and watch the […]

Ensembles 2018 Indonesia

INDONESIA Ensemble 49 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL – EAST JAKARTA was founded at SMPN 49 JAKARTA TIMUR school. Students of the school are honesty and have a lot of independence, strong fighting spirit, noble character. The mission of the school is to transfer cultural knowledge to […]