Polish and Indonesian ensembles at the Lubuski Theatre

On July 18, 2018 the Lubuski Song and Dance Ensemble and “49 Junior High School – East Jakarta” from Indonesia took part in the III (third) Festival Concert.

The Festival hosts were the first to present themselves. There were three age groups: children, teenagers and adults and a singing group. Lubuski began his performance with a beautiful polonaise and patriotic songs. The youngest group presented the program “I will scare them …” and the youth group – “Łowickie dyngusowanie”. The adult group presented to the audience dances from the region Opoczno. The concert of the Lubuski Song and Dance Ensemble ended with singing “Happy Birthday” for the 10-year-old dancer of the group.

The Ensemble “49 Junior High School – East Jakarta” from Indonesia presented the history of the province of Aceh from which it comes. In 2004, a massive earthquake and tsunami killed thousands of people and caused enormous losses. The group presented the peaceful life of the inhabitants before the cataclysm, the moment of flooding, the search for bodies, the funeral dance. The staging was very impressive – blue canvases and lights imitating water and tsunami. Indonesians emphasised in drama that the people remember the tragedy but they also try to live after the tragedy. That is why their presentation ended with a positive accent that the Indonesian people think about the future with hope.

Due to bad weather conditions the Folk Zone has been canceled.


The organizer of the International Folklore Festival „FACES OF TRADITION” Zielona Góra 2018 is the Regional Center Animation of Culture in Zielona Góra (Regionalne Centrum Animacji Kultury in Zielona Góra).
The project was realised thanks to the financial support of the Local Government of the Lubuskie Province. The project was partially financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.