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Rainy Tuesday ends successfully

Because of the rain it was impossible to start the Relaxation Zone and Folkojarmark on Tuesday.
Luckily, the sky cleared up in the evening and at 8 p.m. the concert of „Band” from Swiebodzin was held – next to „Bachus” Winery Restaurant . The audience could hear folk songs arranged in a new way – like rock music. Well-known musical pieces were performed in a new style and people liked it very much.
In the Lubuski Theatre the spectators were delighted thanks to the performance presented by children from Ostravicka ensemble (Czech Republic). Despite huge stress the young dancers were in great mood and joyfully entered the scene to present their traditional dances and plays.
Then the public was mesmerized by the Khorumi ensemble from Georgia. We could see a chilling dance with swords which evoked great emotions. Both dancers and musicians enchanted the audience by their remarkable artistry, perfect synchronization and passion.
After the festival concert in the theatre the music bands of 2 ensembles went to „Bachus” Winery Restaurant to try to play something together. It was not easy but finally they pleased us with a performance. Moreover, the Ostravicka band didn’t want to stop 🙂