Thanks for the partner towns

FACES OF TRADITION International Festival of Folklore Zielona Góra 2017 was finished with the ceremonial concert GALA OF TRADITION on Friday 28 July in the Amphitheatre in Zielona Góra. All the invited folk ensembles performer during it.
In the end of the concert The Festival Director Tomasz Siemiński with the members of the Artistic Council thanked all the people and institutions which helped with the accomplishment of this edition held from 23-28 July.
Following oral thanks the diploma with gratitude from the Festival Director were prepared for the partner towns. Representatives of the Festival Office personally delivered gifts and exchanged comments about the cooperating during this year’s festival and the next edition.
We thank all the partner towns: Łagów, Bojadła, Dąbie, Lubsko, Niesulice, Ochla, Rzepin, Sława.