The festival’s partner: Łagów Lubuski

The International Festival of Folkor Faces of Tradition Zielona Góra is getting closer. Folklore groups will perform in Zielona Góra and the towns of the Lubuskie voivodship on 15-20/07/2018.

The partner city, where all ensembles will also perform, is Łagów, which is called the Pearl of Lubuskie Land.

This nickname results from its tourism values, as well as beautiful natural environment. Łagów is located in the central part of Lubuskie Province, on the isthmus between two lakes: Łagowskie Lake and Trześniowskie Lake. The town is surrounded by nearly 3 500 ha of forests of the Łagów Landscape Park, along with its constituent nature reserves.

Other showpieces of Łagów include: Castle of the Knights of St. John from XIV century, historic urban layout of the old town along with entrance gates – Polish Gate and Marchian Gate, almost 50 year-old amphitheatre. Łagów is highly appreciated by tourists, who visit the province. Throughout the year, especially during the summer, you can stumble across all kinds of concerts, exhibitions, cultural and sport events. There’s also a rental of kayaks, pedalo boats and jet skis. You can spend a lazy day swimming on the lake and indulging in contemplation.

Each ensemble coming to the festival will have the opportunity to perform before the audience of  the amphitheatre in Łagów.
The performances will begin from 16 to 18 July 2018 at 6.00 p.m.  Admission free.