Faces of Tradition 2017 -let’s start!

We began the Inauguration of the International Festival of Folklore FACES OF TRADITION 2017 on 23 July in the exquisite Etnographic Museum in Ochla. The ensembles from Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, Serbia and Turkey amazed the audience with their culture and verve.
The comperes were Małgorzata Wower and Jerzy Skrzypczak. The audience listened to the Festival’s Bugle Call which sygnalizes the official beginning. After short speeches of Irena Lew (Director of Etnographic Museum) and Tomasz Siemiński (Festival Director) the ensembles showed their national costumes, basic steps, instruments. The audience was invited to dance together.
We had also the opportunity to taste the national dishes of our guests – Czech buffet, Turkish sweets, Serbian sarma, Belarusian soup (cold borsch), eggplants with nuts prepared by the Georgian group or a slice of bread with lard from „Little Haśnik”. After eating it was time to think about the soul. During the International Singers’ Contest in Ochla the soloists’ performances evoked great emotions. The Artistic Council judged the participants and decided to award with the first prize (ex aequo) two singers: Maria Yarmolenka (Belarus – Gamanina) and Amiran Tshanalidze (Georgia – Khorumi). And two competitions made a lot of fun – butter whipping and throw the stone.
The integration ended a day full of experiences. The folk ensembles had great time together in Zagroda Kamienna in Ochla.