Musical etnopresentations

Performances of the artists associated with folklore will be presented in the evenings. We will see unconventional instruments and listen to the folk music, as well as musical hybrids containing the folk elements. At the stage, you will see innovations with traditional folklore elements.
Please join us at the concerts from 24 to 27 July 20178.00 p.m. in the area by the City Hall.


24 July, Concert of Spanish music, Stanisław Jordanow & Borja Soto

What makes flamenco and Spanish music phenomenal is the fact that they are experienced, even though they are not necessairily entirely understood. Most of all, they express feelings and emotions, and these are always true. We invite you to the world of inimitable, very sensational and essentional Spanish music, which makes people forget about every-day duties and lets them stop for a moment and get some rest in sunny, lively, energetic, surrounded by the fragrance of oranges Andalusia.
Stanisław Jordanow: guitar teacher, student of the Wrocław Academy of Music.
Bojra Soto: Currently he is the only flamenco singer who lives in Poland and comes from a famous Gypsy family from Seville.

25 July, Concert folk & rock, „Zespół” from Świebodzin

“Zespół” is a vocal-theatre group which has been active for 7 years at the Public Gymnasium no. 1 in Świebodzin, and for one year it has acted for Development Foundation through Culture and Art “Against this time”. The group consists of students, graduates, teachers, and parents from Gymnasium no. 1 in Świebodzin. Every year we present to the local community a music performance, which is the effect of our annual work. This year, it was the folk rock musical “Dwa serduszka,” which was inspired by folk music, culture and fairy tales, as well as Slavic mythology. Music played an important role in this musical; we used folk songs which, for the purposes of the performance, were modified to slightly more heavy, rock convention.
The author of the arrangement is one of the group members, Jakub Dumanowski.

26 July, Concert World Music ZOZULA i GUDA

Zozula is a young, fast developing band which came into being due to initiative of the front woman Olga Olejnik, who musically goes back to her origins – Ukrainian folk songs. Simplicity and honesty of beautiful eastern folk melodies, blended with electronic music makes them individual, giving them a unique character. The idea of the band is the creative search for new sounds, and, at the same time, remembering about the tradition which constitutes a foundation of the band.
Olga Olejnik – vocal, Krzysztof Gumienny – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Stanisław Zimniewicz – cajon, udu, percussion, Roman Beta – keyboard instruments
GUDA will present us songs about the annual cycle of nature for rituals in 4 seasons. Between the songs we will hear sounds of nature and clocks, which will show the passing time.

27 July, Concert World Music GYOKURO

In the beginning, there is an emotion, and this releases a sound. Silence is also a sound- it is no less important. Sound fascinates us as a phenomenon itself. By means of sound we can reach our own feelings better, and describe what for us is indescribable. Music is our method to express ourselves. With the use of music we would like to reach people’s imagination and to carry them away for a magical trip around the world.
Julia Kulpa – vocal, Krzysztof Gumienny – guitars, Konrad Rogiński – various instruments